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Jazoo Express Courier Ltd. - Your Environmental Sample Solution


Provided below is the reason why I started this company and some of the key members of our team.


Environmental samples have some unique time and temperature associated issues associated with their transportation. The need to have samples shipped safely and reliably is paramount. 


Here's an example: It's late fall near Fort McMurray and an environmental technologist has taken some water samples looking for hydrocarbons. One of the instructions for proper sampling is that the water samples be in a glass jar (not plastic, we don't want the hydrocarbons in the plastic bottle leaching into the water and giving a false positive). Another sample instruction is that the sample(s) have zero headspace (no room for air between the bottle and the lid). So, the tech does what he's supposed to and fills up the treated glass bottles/jars.


Unfortunately, three things happen on the way to Calgary:


 1) the temperature inside the trailer of the courier company going to Calgary falls below zero, the water in the glass jar turns to ice, the ice expands, the ice cracks and/or ruptures the jar and the sample is comprimised. 


2) samples inside a cooler in a large warehouse are handled with undue care and attention.


3) the cooler gets lost or misplaced in the giant warehouse in Edmonton and the sample or samples do arrive at their destination on time. The samples arrive late and the small window for testing time expires.


The only possible option at this time would be to re-test. Unfortunately, besides the extra costs and time involved in the re-testing (which could be considerable), the exact environmental conditions that were present during the earlier test can not be duplicated, particularly in the case of an environmental spill.   


This is one of the reasons why I felt starting a courier company that services this industry was important.


Jason Weir - Founder/Owner/Driver/Past President (August 2007 to January 2012) 


While at Jazoo: Drove between 750,000 - 1 million kms between 2007-2011.  Liased with dozens of clients ranging from shipping and receiving staff to executives. Answered thousands of emails during this period. Spotless driving record, no broken or damaged samples while driving. Accident free. Continued client growth with no lost clients. Revenues doubled every year since inception. Staff recruitment for Jazoo executives. Provided long term strategic growth and moved into all areas as had been initially envisioned during business plan development.


Shipper/Receiver, Enviro-Test Laboratories, 2004-2005. Safety Co-ordinator, ALS Laboratories (2005-2007). Member of the Safety Committee, 2005-2007.


Currently, Safety Co-ordinator, Weir Construction Ltd.






Grahams Fritz - President/Owner


Grahams inter-personal skills with clients have been a major asset to the company and allowed it to grow into what it is today. Graham was initially brought on to help sell the companies key features to potential clients and, as evident by the success the company is currently having, he has done a great job. Graham Fritz was a former logistical supervisor at ALS Laboratories, Calgary. His previous expertise at the lab has helped out significantly with the logistical development of the Jazoo. Additionally, it should be mentioned that Graham Fritz was a longstanding member of the safety committee at ALS Laboratories before moving to Jazoo.


Graham is implimenting a system wide smartphone application that holds even better promise for transitioning Jazoo into a more mainstream and technologically adaptable company for cargo transportation.


Grahams vision and people skills are very important to Jazoos long term growth.




Teija Whitehead - Director of Finances/Owner


Teijas ability to focus on the bottom line and no-nonsense approach to problem solving have been critically important to the growth of the company. As a former Quality Assurance/Quality Control Supervisor and Chair of the Safety Committee at ALS Laboratories, Calgary, Teija brings an experience of knowledge and expertise that have been critical to the financial development of the company. While Teija did not have a financial background when coming to the company her ability to succeed at a variety of other roles and her quality of character have been instrumental in the success of the company.

Teijas direction of purpose and ability to focus and prioritize have been essential for our success and our long term viability.


Our Drivers


Lastly, it would be remise for me to not thank the drivers who work every day to make Jazoo a safe and reliable company, without them, we truly have nothing. The drivers who, every night and day, put their lives on the line to make sure that all the items we deliver are done so with the greatest of care. I would like to personally thank Matt Polk and Tanya McCullough.













 So, while our motto is, "Delivering Temperature and Time Sensitive Materials Safely and Reliably" there's also a lot more to this company then meets the eye.